Hi, my name is Ilkhom Khalimzoda. I am a doctoral researcher in Intercultural Communication at the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland. Also, Finland’s Volunteer of the Year 2021. Here is how you can reach me out:

Consider contacting me also if you are looking for a partner with multiple languages such as Uzbek, Persian, Russian, Turkish & English fluently, and Latvian (B1) with Finnish (A2) level.

I am a skilled inspirer, an inventive action developer living in Central Finland. In my main work – research, I examine Russian speaker’s involvement in their country of origin and destination as well as their language use and media engagement.

In my community work and as a volunteer ambassador, I promote intercultural dialog, social capital and inclusive society.


“In just a few years, Khalimzoda has done a tremendous job of promoting an immigrant-friendly atmosphere and encouraging people from different backgrounds to socialize,” Pirkka – Pekka Petelius, Chairman of the Parliamentary Volunteer Support Group.

Ilkhom has already gained extensive experience in various forms of volunteering – it is an excellent way to get to know the working environment, learn languages ​​and have social relationships. Volunteering is therefore an excellent promoter of integration, and Ilkhom is a great pioneer in that. ” Antti Rajala, Chairman of the Citizens’ Arena Board and Electoral Jury

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