Peer Reviewed Articles

• Nshom, E., Khalimzoda, I., Sadaf, Sh. (2022). Perceived challenges living and integrating into Finnish society: A study among immigrants in Finland. Journal of Intercultural Communication (accepted).

• Khalimzoda, I., Siitonen, M. (2022). Russian speakers’ media engagement and acculturation in Finland and Latvia. CMS 10, 28.

• Nshom, E., Khalimzoda, I., Sadaf, S., Shaymardanov, M (2022). Perceived threat or perceived benefit? : Immigrants’ perception of how Fins tend to perceive them. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 86, 46-55.

• Nshom, E & Khalimzoda, I. (2019)Prejudice and acculturation preferences towards Russian immigrants in Finland. Migration and Development, 9:2, 222-237, DOI: 10.1080/21632324.2019.1602983

• Petersons, A. & Khalimzoda, I. (2016). Communication Privacy Management of Students in Latvia. Journal of Problems and Perspectives in Management, Volume 14, Issue #2. 

• Petersons, A. & Khalimzoda, I. (2016). COMMUNICATION MODELS AND COMMON BASIS FOR MULTICULTURAL COMMUNICATION IN LATVIA. SOCIETY. INTEGRATION. EDUCATION, Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference.

• Khalimzoda, I. (2013). “The essentials of dialogue” at Riga Technical University’s Fr.Candera Studentu Zinatniskas Un Tehniskas Konferences, pp.67:

Popular Publications 

 Khalimzoda, Ilkhom. (2021) The Contours of Populism in Russia: An Elite Strategy to Preserve the Status Quo. European Center for Populism Studies.

Khalimzoda, Ilkhom. (2018). Finnish Silence is a myth. JYLKKARI.

•Khalimzoda, Ilkhom (2018), How to be a winner in the Sustainability Race? UN Youth of Finland (SUOMEN YK-NUORET)

•Ильхом, Халимзода. (2018). Что происходит сегодня в сфере СМИ? Заметки по следам конференции «Медиа и Надежда 2018» в Финляндии. //What is happening in the world of Media// EJO.

•Khalimzoda, Ilkhom. (2018). Magnitude of Contemporary Turkish Refugees. Politurco.

•Khalimzoda, Ilkhom. (2018). Interview with a Refugee-Journalist. European Journalism Observatory. //Интервью с журналистом-беженцем// Европейская обсерватория журналистики.

•Khalimzoda, Ilkhom. (2017). Another type of asylum seekers.  Public Agency (PA) the Centre for Geopolitical Studies. Available in English, Russian and Latvian languages.

•Khalimzoda Ilkhom (2017) Are you confused about integration and assimilation? By web portal which is administered by the Society “Shelter “Safe House”” within the framework of the project “Information Centre for Newcomers”. Available in English, Latvian and Russian.

Conference Presentations (not up to date since 2019).

DatePresentation TitleConference TitlePlace
Story alongside history: Russian language media landscape in Latvia26th Nordic Intercultural Communication (NIC)
Conference “How should we live in cultural diversity? Building sustainable
communities in times of fear”
Vidzeme University
Prejudice and acculturation preferences towards
Russian immigrants in Finland
19.04.2019A comparison of Russian immigrant
entrepreneurs media use and acculturation
in Finland
International Conference on Journalism, PR and Media Trends. Media and СommunicationRUDN University
1-3.05. 2019Russian Immigrant Entrepreneur’s Language Use and Acculturation in Finland and Latvia9th Annual (FLTAL).Creative Multilingual Identities: The Influence of Multilingual Identity on Foreign Language Learning.Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Mass Media Role, Language Use and Cross-Cultural Adaptability of Russian Immigrant Entrepreneurs25th NIC Conference: MULTIPLE BELONGINGS AND 21ST CENTURY INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATIONAarhus University
08.2017Cross-cultural adaptation of immigrant and host entrepreneurs in Latvia and the
necessity risen    for intercultural competence in globalized world
Political Marketing Forum 2017. Insiders and Outsiders in the Evolving Political Marketplace:
Exploring the Actors and the Political Strategies

Turiba University

18.05.2017How globalization has been affected by latest social & political events?”Practical Scientific Conference
Communication in the global village:
interests and influences

Turiba University

8.12.2016Intercultural Encounters          in Practice International Young Scientist ConferenceUniversity of Latvia
24-26.11.2016Intercultural Communication with in the International Organisation   23th Nordic Intercultural Conference: Communication Values in Different Cultural
Bergen, Norway
16.11.2016Communication Models and Peaceful Coexistence2nd  Baltic Intercultural Conference, Peaceful Coexistence: The Role of “New-Comers” and
Existing Immigrants
University of Latvia
15.10.2016Intercultural Shock: Challenges of Inclusion vs RadicalizationInternational Conference: Fostering Active Participation of Youth From Diverse Cultural
University of Latvia
‘PASSWOLD’ International Conference: Immigration and IntegrationNational Library, Latvia
10.6.2016Group Segregation within the International Organization Based in LatviaInternational Scientific Conference: Communication and information science in Network
Vilnius University
Models and Common Basis    for Multicultural Communication   in Latvia
10th International Scientific Conference: “Society.Integration.EducationRezekne Academy of
12.05.2016What I need: Perceptual
patterns,            self-fulfilling prophecy or high effort thinking?
International Conference: Solutions to Social ProblemsRiga Pedagogy and Teacher Training

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