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This article challenges the stereotypical expectation of foreigners in Finland as well as brings light on  the grounds of ‘Finnish silence’. It has been published at the science part as a column by JYLKKARI, Finland. See the article:

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• KESKISUOMALAINEN- is the Central Finland’s largest and oldest news paper. It published a worth-long article about Jouni Salo (actor) and the theatre idea he is realising now in the nature, in his current living residence which was completed at  1863.  This theatre is a multicultural one, because immigrants like me are involved in it. As I have mentioned already in the article, we Immigrants need a high dose of curiosity to learn the culture, tradition, values and language of the country we are living in. Especially, if that is facilitated by both side (locals-immigrants) through as much as possible interactions – that may result in greater integration. Since, not everyone can reach the article, I have shared below the article and the link.  Thanks to Kati Perälä for the interview, Jouni for the invitation and Multicultural Centre Gloria to be a platform to meet new people.äyttelijä-Jouni-Salo-elvyttää-maahanmuuttajateatteria-Jyväskylässä-–-uusi-teatteri-sai-tilat-vanhan-kauppaneuvoksen-kesäasunnolta/1213152

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Latvijas Avize – nation wide news paper in Latvia published an article which covered an interview with me about the project we initiated, called “Kopā ar latviešu valodu – latviešu valodā”, meaning: together with Latvian language in Latvian language. Project aimed to bring different nationalities  living in Latvia to sing and recite poems in Latvian  language by heart in their national/traditional clothes. In this way, we believed that we promoted active participation and integration from one side, rising empathy and acceptance from host nationals side. 23.2.2017. / To get to know more about the project, please visit;

• Latvian Television (LTV) – got a short interview about cooperation plans with non governmental organisations in order to handle immigration, reception and integration issues.


(1m: 56s). 2016;

• Kasjauns news portal published an article about me referring to another article in Turiba University Magazine, where I was interviewed about my commitments bringing closer Eastern & Western cultures and my opinion about Latvia.



• Latvian Radio 4 (LR4), Лидия Чера from LR4 invited me to the program “Линии жизни” meaning passages of life, to talk about myself and how I relate myself to Latvia. Илхом Xалимзода: привыкнуть к вашим холодам непросто.

Regional news paper Aluksnes Novada Vestis and News Website ( published an article about the project “Diversity as  resource” and mentions me there, since I was invited to give a serious of seminar lectures to school teachers and principals in different regions of Latvia about the importance of Intercultural Competence, where I combined theory and practical examples that I have been collecting from my personal encounters. Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 20.28.51.png For more information on the project and my role, please see the organisator website:

Here is the Turiba University Magazine article with me on the topic of dialoe, being from abroad and the life in Latvia.

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