Evening with peace maker Bryn Steiner in Norway


During my 3-day conference trip to Bergen which I paid from my pocket bdw (at some Uni you don’t have travel grants), I stayed not in Hotel which cost about 100 Euro/night, but I stayed at my friend’s house. Conference was very well organized and friendly with full of delicious food especially. Bergen’s Mayor hosted us for a dinner at the second day. Apart from the joy of staying with a friend, we also took part at very interesting event which took place in an amazing place called Literature House. Universalism or multiculturalism, to listen or to speak, peace or conflict were among the topics discussed. This location is a home for many contemporaries on the trending topics.

This event was organized by the interfaith community of friends in Bergen. This community meets together periodically and discuss interfaith and intercultural topics. For this time, we also had a guest speaker, prominent peace maker and dialogue initiator from Norway Bryn Steiner.  We watched a documentary on Balkan conflict “Reunion”, where Bryn himself was on the film and reflected on conflict resolution.

Conclusions highlighted the importance of getting to know each other very well, the ability to listen and think constructively and in a communicative environment so that we can hear and understand each other.

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