NIC Conference 2018 Copenhagen – Remarks: Multiple Belongings and 21st Century Intercultural Communication.

I will put the text further ‘’in my way’’, only those presentations that I attended and ‘’how I understood’’ without referringto anyone following the Chatham house rules. Here we go; I would like to notice that, there were several things made this conference special. Such as: 1.   Sustainability considerations: we had our own glasses, a pencil,... Continue Reading →

Ghenghis Khan and The Finns

Many people may assume Ghenghis Khan and his army is something we obviously do know about or have to know about. He got the biggest piece of the world in his time and Genghis Khan ranks first for male with the most children in history (1,000-2,000), not to mention his other deeds. Another important figure... Continue Reading →

Turkin nykyisen pakolaistilanteen laajuus

Teoksessaan Le Dérèglement du mondeAmin Maalouf käsittelee monia asioita, jotka ovat yhä ajankohtaisia. Monet lienevät samaa mieltä maailman kaoottisuudesta, viitaten nykyisiin lukuisiin konflikteihin, sotiin, epävakauteen, propagandaan ja sivilisaatioiden välisiin yhteenottoihin. Tämän kirjoituksen tarkoituksena on päivittää edellistä, Liettuan geopoliittiseninstituutin ja Society Shelter ’Safe Housen’julkaisemaa artikkelia Uuden tyypin turvapaikanhakijat. Yksi epävakauksien sivuvaikutus on aina ollut ihmisten laajamittainen... Continue Reading →

How to be a winner in the Sustainability Race?

  Year 2012, I am with my group at the University course on Entrepreneurship and Management, arguing why corporate social responsibility is important to every organization. It is, because an organization is a part of the eco system and the society. Every human being or human lead organization, idea or action has to contribute to... Continue Reading →

Loughborough: Lofboro or logborog?

Loughborough or lofboro: the peace project 13-23 September 2017, Loughborough, UK Pronunciation of Loughborough is quite a challenge in the beginning. This was the common feeling of all participants came in to this training from about ten countries outside of UK. I used to pronounce it as [Logborog] but the correct pronunciation supposed to be... Continue Reading →

“Society and culture are inseparable and the one cannot exist without the other.”

DENIS McQUAIL’S MASS COMMUNICATION THEORY REVIEWED Turiba University, 4/9/2014 Denis McQuails fifth edition Mass Communication Theory - book was dedicated to George Gerbner who was a pioneer in mass communication theory and research and helped to unite critical and empirical schools of inquiry with practical issues of media policy and social concern. In his book, McQuail... Continue Reading →

Poem x 2

Baxor keldi Sahar kelsang tabiatni qo'yniga, To'rt devolu, ko’p uyquni o’rniga,  Konglingdi yoz, toza nafas, o’t dalani toriga, Quloq solib chandon qushalrning kuyiga.  (21.05.2017) Duxtarakam! Duxtarakam, bari man tu az hama xurdtarakam. Duxtarakam, bari man tu az hama bextarakam. Injo bosh, hamesha tu darbarakam. Duoi man bar sari tu Duxtarakam.

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